Vintage, Antique & Collectible Bicycles
Restorations, Overhauls and Sales
Some definitions to keep us on the same page:

Vintage adj. 2: of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality: classic

Antique adj. 1: existing since or belonging to earlier times: ancient

Collectable adj. 1: suitable for being collected

Restored adj. 3: to bring back to or put into a former or original state: renew

Original adj. 1: of, relating to, or constitutin an origin or begining: initial

Classic adj. 1a: serving as a standard of excellence; of recognized value

Definitions obtained from Merriam-Webster.
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Restorations and Overhauls

Take a look at some of the beauties we have had the joy of working on.
A story came with everyone.
True Bike Love.

​If you have a bicycle you would like to restore give Paul a call.
We are taking orders for the holidays and winter work.
24" Schwinn cantilever frame with skip tooth frame...
Mid 70's Sears Roebuck Ladies Step Through
1960s Huffy Tempest Junior Girls
Early 60's Schwinn Tandem
1964 Raleigh Sport 3-speed Ladies
1960s Huffy 'Daisy Daisy' Tandem
1967 Schwinn Hollywood Ladies Single Speed
1968 5-speed Schwinn Orange Krate
1968 Schwinn Collegiate Ladies
1968 Schwinn Fastback 5-speed
1970s Schwinn Pixie
1970s Stella Arctic Road Bike
1971 Schwinn Fastback
1973 Schwinn Collegiate Mens
1974 Schwinn Speedster
1970s Atala Road Bike
Collectable & Vintage Bikes for Sale

We occasionally get some beauties in that are for sale.
We'll list what we have below.
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