Safety Check$20
includes general inspection of components to ensure the bike is safe to ride 

Basic Tune-up (multi-speed)           $85
Clean and wax bike, brake & derailleur adjustments, hub(s), bottom bracket & headset adjustment(s) if needed, chain lube, true both wheels, tire inflation to recommended psi

Pro Tune-up (multi-speed)   $100
Includes Basic Tune services plus drive train clean (cassettes/freewheel, chain ring & chain removed, cleaned, replaced) drive train lube

Commuter Tune-up (multi-speed)$175
Includes Basic & Pro Tune services plus new brake/derailleur cables & housings, new chain (up to 7 spd)

Overhaul (multi-speed)      $230
Includes Basic, Pro & Commuter Tune services plus re-pack of headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs with new bearings and grease.

New Bike Assembly       $100

Flat Tire       $10 + tube and/or tire

Basic Adjustment            $10

Other Repairs
Cost is related to complexity of repair - An estimate will be provided for each bicycle before work begins.  

Restoration Services
Cost is dependent on condition of bicycle and level of restoration desired.  An estimate will be provided before work begins.

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